RAWDOG started as an informal collective of musicians and artists who played together, recorded each other and performed at live gigs in various combos and disguises. Out of it was born the small independent production company Rawdog Productions and the RAWDOG live band.

Today Rawdog Productions collaborates with various artists and works on sound tracks for film and TV as well as producing its own albums.


Better known as the Task Force DJ, Louis Slipperz is also a multi-instrumentalist, song writer and producer. His first mix-tape album DJ Slipperz £10 Bag Volume 1,  became a cult hit followed by Volumes 2 & 3.

Having worked with UK's MC talent including Jehst, Braintax, Rodney P, Killa Kela, Klashnekoff, Skinnyman and of course the brothers McBain - Slipperz continues to bring forth the high grade quality of music he has become associated with …… including his latest album Louis Slipperz & Rawdog Bareback Instrumentals.


Elmore Judd has emerged in the spotlight with his self produced solo album Angel Sound first released by Rawdog and later by Above the Clouds Recordings. He was nominated for the Gilles Peterson BBC Radio 1 World Wide Album of the Year Award 2004 and played live in session with his band on the show.

The Elmore Judd live act which grew out of the album has been described as 'every bit as wonderfully twisted, unpigeonholable and bizarre as the album ..a band with balls ….big ones….'.

Judd also plays keys in the RAWDOG live band and has collaborated with Slipperz in the production of Bareback Instrumentals and the £10 Bag Vols 1, 2 & 3 albums as well as with TASK FORCE on two EP's: Arrest the President (Lowlife Records) and You're not Us (Music from the corner).


The RAWDOG band has become one of the hottest live acts on the underground circuit. Often performing with TASK FORCE they have rocked crowds in festivals and small venues alike, always giving the crowd what they want - RAW energy.

Having recorded only one live EP and tracks on the Bareback Instrumentals album, the RAWDOG band is yet to fully exploit its potential but 2006 looks set to be a productive year with plans to tour the Bareback Instrumentals project as well as recording a long overdue live album.



Watch this space....