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We are a well established Pet Nutrition Centre - We specialise is switching Dogs from a highly processed diet onto a Raw Diet, we sell a Range of Different complete raw meals as well as DIY bones, chunks and minces. With an in-store Nutritionist you know you are only receiving the best advice for your Dogs health and wellbeing. 

The Dog's Deli - 183 Elliott Street, Tyldesley, Manchester, M29 8DR. 

The Dog’s Deli is a family run pet shop

by pet owners, for pet owners.

The husband and wife team, who share the same love for animals, have over 40 years combined experience with animals; from cats and dogs to horses.

At The Dog’s Deli, we want to help every dog lead a healthy lifestyle by concentrating on what goes on, on the inside. We believe that with the correct diet, a dog can live a life free from most ailments, for example, IBS, ear infections, dry and flaky skin and reoccurring sickness.

That is why all of our food and treats are 100% natural, just as nature intended. We also offer our customers FREE help and advice with their dog’s nutrition and health.

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We have always known that our dogs needed a biologically appropriate diet, but still, for years, we fed them on kibble, because we were unsure of how to make sure they were having all the nutrients they needed and we listened to Veterinary Feeding Advice.

In 2016, Emma wanted to change that, and began studying for her canine and feline nutritionist diploma with a further Diploma in Canine Nutrition in 2018, opening her eyes to a new, better and healthier way to feed her dogs. RAW.

The Health Benefits of Feeding Raw have far outweighed any benefits of feeding Highly Processed Biscuits. 

In March 2019, The Dog’s Deli formulated their own recipe of raw dog food called BLOSSOM’S BOWL, named after the family's much loved pet Shihtzu, Blossom.

Blossom was a finicky dog when it came to food as she just wouldn’t eat, no matter what brand, no matter what flavour. She was in and out of the vets like a yo-yo as her body was suffering the lack of nutrition and things were          looking bleak.

This inspired her owners to create BLOSSOM’S BOWL, a complete and premium raw dog food which is minced locally by a Defra Registered manufacturer. The food contains 80% meat with 10% bone and 10% offal.

That is 100% nutritious food for dogs.

BLOSSOM’S BOWL is loved by many of our customers, check out their RAW REVIEWS to see what they have to say.

If you are thinking of switching to raw, contact us via our website, pop in to our Tyldesley, Manchester shop or call us today on 01942 882 756.

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