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Our Raw Feeding Family!

Here are a few of our Raw Fed customers - and their Raw Reviews

I bought Dexter at 12 weeks he came with a brand of dry food and hated it, I spoke to friends and went on their recommendations to other brands of dry food. Dexter went 4 days without eating his dry food, I was playing the cruel to be kind card, he'll eat it when he's hungry to a point where I gave up I was pulling my hair out he lost 1.6kg in 3 weeks he looked skinny, people made comments about his weight, "was I feeding him right?" "I should seek help" I came home every night dreading meal times with Dexter and cried when he wouldn't eat. After 7 different types I didn't know what to do!  I'd heard about raw but Id turned my nose up because after looking into it I couldn't be bothered measuring everything out etc etc. THEN someone recommended you and you've become my secret best friend and Dexters, you guided me in the right direction with raw feeding. Although Dexter struggled at first to adjust he now LOVES his food, we tried, Durham and blossoms bowl but his fave is landywoods. You are always there when I need help NOTHING ever seems to much trouble and I know I'm a nuisance. Dexter since being on raw properly for the last 8 months has grown in weight, his coat is shiny and people ALWAYS comment on it too, his breath doesn't stink like it use to and the main thing for me as you'll be aware of is his wind, he has hardly any wind! 🎉 I couldn't be any more grateful to you and Hudson's for all your help. Dexter loves coming by for his food pick ups and treats.

So here is my prince charming

Dexter aged 20 months

I started feeding Luther, my 10 month old cocker spaniel, on Blossoms Bowl (raw) after watching him for months not eating much on occasions not eating at all, I'm so pleased to say what a joy it is to see him now getting excited about his food and emptying his bowl! He loves Blossoms Bowl, it's probably the best decision I have ever made for him! Emma at Hudson's Pet Shop gave me the confidence to change his diet to raw, her knowledge about nutrition for dogs helped me understand and make sense of feeding, when online information was so confusing!! #nolookingback

We rescued Ruby from Boxer Dog Rescue Northern England in 2013, she was aged 1 and at first we fed normal tinned dog food as we always had. We then rescued her brother, Denzel who was 6 years old and unbeknown to us was in renal failure. We tried several renal diets but they just didnt suit him and then someone suggested raw feeding. Within 6 weeks his bloods were back to within normal parameters and his kidneys were funtioning well again, it was a miracle !!! That was early 2014 and I have been raw feeding ever since.

I used to order online every month and pay a huge delivery fee, their choice was limited and the delivery was inconvenient for me as a night shift worker.

When Emma took over Hudson's it was like a dream come true. The availability and choice is amazing.

We have since lost Denzel to a brain tumour, last year, at age nearly 11 but we have rescued a blind Pointer, all the way from Turkey. I am a committee member for Animal Friends of Turkey and whilst visiting some of our animals waiting for homes, last July I fell in love !!

Hugo had been a street dog and then for the short months he was waiting to come to the UK he was in foster care eating a poor standard of dried food. He was very underweight and his fur was brittle.

He has gained 4kg since being raw fed and is the picture of health.

My two particularly enjoy Landywoods lamb / Chicken with veg and all the stinky tripe varieties.

Emma and the family are so helpful and knowledgeable about their products and animal nutrition.

I really couldnt recommend them enough.

~Claire P

This is our Story my Hugo the one at the back of the photo is fed Raw, along with his sister Coco ... @Blossoms bowl He had a skin allergy around his lower half where he would scrape along the floor outside to ease the irritation but made it worse it would bleed especially around his private bits. We have never looked back his fur has grown back along with nice healthy skin !! I would definitely recommend Raw Feed & Emma is so helpful on how to start off with the raw diet & any advise which is needed.

Murphy was struggling on dry food and wasn't finishing his food. I changed him to raw after getting some good advice from Emma and he's never been happier. His bowl is empty within seconds. His coat is shinier, teeth whiter and he's just a happier pooch.

~ Jessica M


Our bocker Kauket started raw feeding just over 12 months ago and is so much more healthy than some of her breed, she has a beautiful coat, no itchy or allergies, no anal glands and her bottom burps don't smell! We feed her blossom's bowl, and Emma has helped so much with her vast knowledge. The picture if her giving me the doggy death stare as it was her meal time!


~ Jennifer C

The raw fed shine.

My boys have thrived off raw food and natural treats.

They haven't been to the vets since they were 8 weeks old. Totally recommended to anyone thinking about raw feeding. 

~ Russel R



This Axl, he started out on your grain free dry food but at around 3months old we converted to raw and ever since he has flourished! He is all muscle yet thinks he is still small enough to fit on your lap xx


~Hannah B

We started Stanley on raw food over 7 months ago after a few people recommended speaking to Emma at Hudson's (Dog's Deli). He suffered from monthly bouts of colitis, anal gland troubles and skin allergies which expensive 'hypoallergenic' dry food and done nothing for. The difference has been incredible. His stomach troubles have dissapeared, his skin is clear and beautifully shiny and he absolutely loves his food which lasts 10 seconds in the bowl before it's gone! Thanks so much! X

~Zoe H



Just started on the raw feeding with Poppy a few weeks ago had a bad time with her recently she has a skin condition moist dermititis and I am hoping with some fabulous advice and quallity food that she loves and can't wait to eat she will improve and be a happy itch free little madam

~ Lisa T

Rolo is absolutely thriving on raw. Both my dogs are but since switching her coat is so glossy and her eyes are so much brighter. Her poos are so much easier to clean and she stinks no where near as bad. Raw is the way to go!

~ Georgia D



After speaking to Emma I recently changed Ollie's food from kibble to blossoms bowl. She absolutely loves it!! Her coat is shiny, no more upset tummy, she's thriving. She also loves the natural treats. She's a very happy girl.


~ Heather S

Moved Ralph, my Glossy raven WCS on to raw mainly because he was pooing at least 3/4 times a day. Since switching I've found even more benefits...he now has 1 poo per day, he looks so much more healthier (even though I thought he did before) but the best change is that he is so much more content in himself and just more settled around the house and at work.

Never expected much of a difference and I'll never look back


~ Danny A



Shelby was really struggling with skin problems. Moved on to just raw duck after some great advice. Miles better now!


~ Ste D

Bubba loves his food now he's not being forced to eat dry stuff that he clearly didn't like. His bowl is empty in seconds. He's on Blossoms Bowl.


~ Lisa L



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